NJ Decorative Concrete Floor Honorable Mention

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 16:44 -- support

In this project, the client started out with 1/3 of the slab being old and deteriorated and the rest being a very new, smooth and hard troweled concrete finish but very dark gray. The client wanted a warm look to his new store, so we suggested to resurface with a pigmented sprayable microtopping. The hand drawn vines that color shift from bronze to patina epoxy was an afterthought that was supposed to only cover the entrance. The owner loved it so much he asked us to continue throughout the 7000 sqft store. He gave us an extra day, yes, we hand drew and painted vines in one day on 5500 sqft of floor space! I still don’t know how we did it but my knees hate me for it.