The Real Difference Between Professional Garage Flooring and DIY

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 09:35 -- support

There are times when people will find themselves with a bit of sticker shock when it comes to our pricing. Hopefully I can explain the difference without overwhelming you with too much industry jargon and technical speak.

Let’s start with a picture that I will say more than anything I could type out:

On the left is the do-it-yourself. On the right, a poured professional grade epoxy flooring treatment.

While the left side may look okay from a distance, up close you can tell that it is paper thin and will not have the wearability of a poured floor.

Not the performance you’re looking for in your garage floor, I’m sure.

What I’ve shown you here is only the basics related to the thickness of the epoxy coating. A professional seamless flooring service such as ours is also going to take into account the many and varied issues related to concrete, such as, pre-existing moisture in your garage floor, cracks and a multitude of other highly technical issues.

Not one system can broadly cover every aspect of every garage floor situation. Bodenkraft can confidently stand above and beyond our competition by providing solutions for many forms of concrete problems. Whether you need a decorative floor that will hold up to high traffic, a sanitary floor to address compliance requirements or an industrial floor for your manufacturing facility – We have you covered!


You’re simply not going to get this from any can of “Generic Floor Coating A” that you buy from your local home improvement center.

If you’re looking for epoxy garage flooring in the New York or New Jersey area, please give us a call 866-568-5611 or send us an email.