Hurricane Sandy vs Barbalu NYC

A year ago Hurricane Sandy devastated The NYC metro area damaging thousands of homes and businesses. Barbarini, a high end restaurant on historic Front Street, was one of many local Manhattan eateries that were put out business. Insurance companies did not cover flooding, so the owners of Barbarini, Adriana and Stefano Barbagallo, searched for a solution to protect them from future damages caused by floods.

Bodenkraft helped come up with a floor solution that could withstand any future damage from floods using Derma decorative concrete flooring system. This system is a trowel applied polymer modified concrete that is sealed with specialty epoxy and high traffic polyurethane. These sealers help protect the new surface from typical pedestrian traffic and will not be harmed in the case of a future flood event.

After many months of restoration and rebuilding, the restaurant opened back up for business under a new name called Barbalu. This time the concrete floors would be the last thing the owners would have to worry about if another flood happens to hit NYC.