Concrete Topping and Underlayment

The Loft Concrete topping system is a specialty self-leveling concrete topping that outranks other self-drying formulas for smoothing concrete floors. NYC businesses take advantage of the powerful drying power of the modified polymer blend, which is commonly referred to as designer or polymer concrete. Loft has been engineered for rapid indoor resurfacing, leveling, and smoothing.

The quick-dry formula can be installed from ¼” to 2” in a single application, upwards of 5” with additional aggregates and used as underlayment for other flooring surfaces. Just 2 hours after concrete flooring installation, the water-borne concrete sealer can be applied. Once the sealant has fully dried, the area can be opened to traffic, making the Loft Architectural Concrete system an ideal solution for high traffic areas and operations that cannot close for extended periods of time. As an underlayment, another floor surface, such as vct or tile can be applied 12 hours after the concrete installation.

Loft concrete topping can be stained with various concrete dyes or acid stains, depending on the formula of self-leveling concrete used. Certain Loft formulas can also be polished or incorporate specific color pigments, recycled glass, and other aggregates to create a truly unique floor.

Any indoor space is the perfect area to implement Loft concrete topping. Whether covering a surface of properly prepared wood, existing tiles, or concrete substrates, Loft can provide a demolition-free solution. Using our system for concrete floors, NYC lofts, office spaces, retail areas, galleries, studios, utility rooms, warehouses, and numerous other areas have acquired smooth, sturdy, flat surfaces that are as useful as they are aesthetically pleasing. Seal, polish, micro top, or epoxy your Loft concrete topping to create a distinct look for your space!

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