Monochromatic Epoxy Floor

For those looking for a smooth and contemporary monochromatic epoxy poured floor which is beautiful to the eye, yet durable and easy to maintain, the Pure flooring system will surpass your expectations.

The Pure flooring system consists of a multi-layer epoxy-polyurethane or polyaspartic coatings. This system ranges from 1/16" to 1/4" thick and can be applied over properly prepared concrete, tile, terrazzo, brick and even over wood surfaces. Final finishes come in gloss, satin, matte or flat.  

Where traditional flooring fails, the Pure flooring system outperforms. Seamless, custom colors, superior stain resistance, anti mold and mildew, excellent color retention and anti slip if needed. It's no wonder many retail, offices, galleries and even home owners are opting for a Pure flooring system as an alternative to traditional tile, granite or marble.  

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