Choose Bodenkraft to consult in your next epoxy floor or decorative concrete project. It’s extremely important to have someone on your side that knows how to read the architectural specifications and is well versed in the installation guideline specific to your flooring system. With 9 years of field experience with manufacturer products such as Dur-A-FlexDuraamenGaron Products,CMPEliteCrete and Miracote, we can ensure your seamless floor investment is properly installed and perform.

There are many reasons to chooseBodenkraft to consult in your next seamless flooring project. Do you know if the concrete has been checked for moisture? Was the proper primer chosen for such a condition? Is the concrete being prepared properly? Is the profile acceptable for the specific flooring system? Do you know if the installers are skimping on the installation. For example, are they spreading 400 sqft per gallon or 100 sqft per gallon? In a 100,000 Sqft facility, it could mean 4 times less material not being used and put aside for their own personal pet projects on your dime. Does your floor call for a double broadcast? Can you tell the difference between a single broadcast and a double broadcast? Are they using products that have been specified or are they using inferior lower cost products to save themselves money? Can you tell if your floor has been sealed with polyurethane or just left with epoxy? Very difficult to determine after the process is done, until the floor under performs, stains and ambers. But by then, the installers are long gone and you have been cheated.

Bodenkraft also helps Companies after an installation is complete or one that may be in dispute. We can take core samples in targeted areas, analyze if proper technique was used and help determine if your investment was justified.

Ensure proper installation by partnering with Bodenkraft, call now 866-568-5611