Commercial Flooring by Industry

Bodenkraft is a commercial flooring contractor with showroom in Fairfield, NJ. We also work with customers in the surrounding areas, including New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut. Bodenkraft specializes in providing handcrafted industrial flooring to suit a wide variety of business needs. Whether you need something clean and industrial or something decorative and eye-catching, we've got you covered.

We welcome you to talk with us about your specific needs, and we guarantee that we'll come up with a solution to meet them. We offer flooring products from only the top manufacturers in the industry, guaranteeing you'll always get quality, durable flooring that satisfies and exceeds your expectations.

As a knowledgeable commercial flooring contractor, Bodenkraft is well equipped to handle all types of jobs. We make use of our artistic abilities to ensure that you get quality, beautiful work, no matter what flooring style you choose. While other flooring companies only cater to very specific needs, Bodenkraft is happy to help businesses achieve a wide-range of industrial flooring goals.

Call us today to discuss your project and learn about our wide range of flooring systems. We look forward to assisting you!