Animal Facility Flooring

From zoos and research facilities to kennels and veterinarian offices, animal care professionals rely on our – easy to clean, easy to maintain flooring solutions. Our system resists unsightly stains, bacterial growth and viruses resulting from spilled animal feed, urine and waste, thanks to Bio-Pruf® helping keep facilities safe and sanitary.

Impact resistant Quartz flooring system holds up against constant wear and tear from rhinos and research equipment without cracking, peeling or chipping. And its seamless, textured finish gives a sense of security to even the most timid creatures – large, hoofed animals like cows and swine won’t slip or slide on our Quartz flooring system. For animal habitat flooring that serves and protects, Garage and Beyond is the only choice.

For a sanitary floor that can stand up to the toughest use and abuse, choose Bodenkraft! Email us or call now 866-568-5611