Basement Flooring

How many times have you replaced your carpet after a flood? Has your wood floors warped because of water intrusion? Has mold and mildew grown on your tile grout? Are you changing your dehumidifier pan frequently? There are many reasons to choose a seamless flooring system in your basement over the traditional carpet, tile or wood floors.

We offer 2 choices for basement flooring, a waterproofed resinous system formulated with Bio-Pruf® an anti microbial agent. With the help of a waterproofing primer technology,  this system will hold back the moisture coming through your slab and help with the humidity factor. This system can be finished with an Epoxy Chip, Epoxy Quartz or Designer Epoxy System.

The other option is a breathable decorative concrete system or microtopping. This system can give the look of natural concrete and can be finished with a breathable acrylic sealer or a special permeable epoxy sealer.

For a basement floor that will last a lifetime of flooding, choose Bodenkraft.

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