Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring, heavy traffic, high temperatures and harsh spills can wreak havoc on the average garage floor, but they’re no match for our resinous flooring systems. Designed to protect service areas, apparatus bays and hangars from the constant wear-and-tear of equipment and abrasive chemicals, our epoxy floors stands up to your toughest challenges.

Automotive repair shops benefit from our unique formula combining 100% solids clear epoxy with quartz to produce maximum thermal shock and corrosion resistance. Up to five times stronger than concrete alone, our resin floors do not crack or peel, and its non-skid surface makes it as safe as it is sound. Long lasting, economical and easy to maintain, our seamless flooring system won’t deteriorate – even under constant exposure to gasoline, hydraulic and brake fluids, oil and anti-freeze.

For the ultimate garage floor that will stand up to the toughest use and abuse, choose Bodenkraft! Email us or call us now 866-568-5611