Retail Flooring

In a world where business owners struggle to stand out from their competition, Bodenkraft delivers seamless flooring systems that are completely customizable and unique. Through our flooring, we can create an exciting or subtle atmosphere and also tie in your branding in order to help your clients recognize, remember and grow you and your business. Your floors can now be an important part of your marketing and branding stradegy instead of a dull, boring and forgetable backdrop.

Choose from decorative concrete overlays, designer epoxy floors, acid stains, concrete engraving, business logos, unique designs and even custom textures. Each resinous and cementitious flooring system communicates your unique expression through our designers and artisans hands.

For a one of a kind seamless flooring system that will wow your clients and set you apart, choose Bodenkraft! Email us or call us now 866-568-5611